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My New Business Venture

SDS Decor - Home Styling

The year 2020 had been quite interesting for the ENTIRE WORLD! With a Global Pandemic happening, an election year, working from home and online school for my daughters, it seemed as if my life was turned upside down!! I do believe with all that had been going on, this situation helped me shift my life and get a handle on things that I set out to accomplish, that I desired in 2019. I said to myself..."What now?!" I am fulltime Healthcare Analyst, VP of a non-profit organization, Founder of Detroit Derby Brunch Fundraising Event, Wife, Mother... an event planner, freelance make-up artist, daughter, sister, Soror and friend. NOW....Huh? I'm a Home Stylist??

With all that I have accomplished through the years, I have finally taken on yet ANOTHER "thing!" Well this has always been a passion of mine, just like many other talents that I've been blessed with. When my husband and I purchased (what we thought would be) our forever home in 2015, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with our new home; the color scheme, the furniture....EVERYTHING! I knew that I wanted character, warm inviting tones, seasonal decor throughout and then realized that I was completely OBSESSED with doing it. I spent the next few years taking on project after project to make my home as comfortable as possible. we are 2020, 5 years later and my obsession is now a full blown BUSINESS! I have branded SDS Decor, created my logo, started a blog and website and have taken on new projects for new clients and I couldn't be more excited to share this journey with you all!


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